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Co-Ownership Agreement for Tenants in Common | PodProperty

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PodProperty has helped customers of all the major lenders and mortgage broking institutions, including CBA and Mortgage Choice. We've assisted more than 12,000 groups with their co-ownership plans.

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PodProperty has had 7 years to perfect its co-ownership agreement for people that buy property together as tenants in common. Our agreement is considered by many to be an industry standard and we've been in business for almost 7 years.

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We include unlimited amendments to your Co-Ownership Agreement for no extra charge and ensure it perfectly reflects your situation. Our fees are just $350 per co-owner with no hidden fees.

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Download our Free Property Co-Ownership Guide

Property Co-Ownership Guide

Find out how to buy your home together as tenants in common, including information about our property co-ownership contract, advice about buying property together, the first home owners grant and stamp duty exemptions.

We give out the PodProperty Co-Ownership Guide to provide a service to home owners and real estate investors to map out the process of buying a property together.

Includes answers to commonly asked questions and more