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PodProperty has helped customers of all the major lenders and mortgage broking institutions, including CBA and Mortgage Choice. We've assisted more than 20,000 groups with their co-ownership plans.

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PodProperty has had 12 years to perfect its co-ownership agreement for people that buy property together as tenants in common. Our agreement is considered by many to be an industry standard and we've been in business for almost 12 years.

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We include unlimited amendments to your Co-Ownership Agreement for no extra charge and ensure it perfectly reflects your situation. Our fees are just $450 per co-owner with no hidden fees.

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Property Co-Ownership Guide

Over the last 15 years, house prices across Australia have risen by enough to leave a generation of Australians feeling like they are never going to be able to afford a home of their own. The introduction of 30 and 40 year mortgages, stagnant wage growth, the Financial Services Royal Commission and investor loan crackdowns have put the dream of home ownership beyond reach of the average Australian and the plans of many aspiring investors on hold, yet again. 

According to a recent Annual International Housing Affordability Survey, every major city in Australia is severely unaffordable, except for Canberra and Darwin (whose ratings were not much better at seriously unaffordable).

 And then there are recent predictions that a significant number of Australians will spend their entire lifetimes renting, never being able to enjoy the freedom of living in their own homes. 

Enter PodProperty, an exciting new service which offers an innovative home ownership solution that will cut the cost of buying a home in half.

How is it done? Through the power of something that Australians are already doing in great numbers: sharing their homes with friends, flatmates and partners.

The information set out in the PodProperty Co-Ownership Guide will answer many of your questions. It will tell you what you need to know to take part in this exciting revolution in the Australian way of life, which for thousands of people is about to get a whole lot better. The only question you have to answer is: 
 Find out how to buy your home together as tenants in common, including information about our property co-ownership contract, advice about buying property together, the first home owners grant and stamp duty exemptions.

We give out the PodProperty Co-Ownership Guide to provide a service to home owners and real estate investors to map out the process of buying a property together.

Includes answers to commonly asked questions and more