Now for the good news. PodProperty charges just $450 per person (ex. GST).


Married couples are treated as 1 co-owner, so if you are 2 married couples buying a holiday house (for example), we’d charge as though you were 2 parties.


Our fees cover the preparation of your co-ownership agreement, and a letter of legal advice (prepared by PodProperty’s lawyers) explaining how it all works. Unlimited revisions to the agreement are also included.


Our Co-Ownership Agreement is considered an industry leading document and we believe you’ll not be able to arrange a more comprehensive document for the price.


Disclaimer – Tax treatment for tenants in common


Our service (co-ownership agreement for tenants in common + legal advice) does not deal with any matters relating to tax, duty or other similar levies whether at a State/Territory or Federal level. The structure, relationships and transactions contemplated by the deed may have significant income, capital gains and GST implications and consequences and may attract State/Territory duties as well.


The failure to consider, take advice on and deal with the above matters may lead to unintended and unforeseen consequences and in some instances may impact the enforceability of the deed.


Co-Owners should obtain specific advice on the tax and duty implications of the deed before signing it.