PodProperty has won the support of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Mortgage Choice who have made PodProperty their recommended co-ownership agreement provider.


PodProperty’s founders have also received numerous accolades from the press regarding their innovative co-ownership agreement solution to this complex area of law.


PodProperty’s partners include CBA (Australia’s largest bank), Mortgage Choice (Australia’s leading mortgage broking company), Defence Housing Australia, and Monarch Investments.


CBA in particular have really embraced this sector of the home loan market through it’s product “Property Share”. Property Share is an innovative home loan product allowing borrowers to purchase a property together but keep their finances separate. As part of this product, CBA required that customers seek independent legal advice and we are listed as one such source. CBA have reviewed our co-ownership agreement and are happy to list us as a source of co-ownership agreements.


Our Co-Ownership Agreement and letter of legal advice is sufficient for each borrower to sign CBA’s Property Share Statutory Declaration.


PodProperty has also prepared co-ownership agreements for mortgagees of Westpac, ANZ, National Australia Bank, Bank of Queensland and a range of other lenders and brokers.


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